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Sobre nuestra empresa

Since 1995 in BARCELONA, we design and manufacture innovative products dealt with air freshening of small spaces. Also, we design and produce other products related to plastic derivates with highly sopisticated technical features (thermoplastics and/or thermosets).
Our international vision, dynamism and flexibility has led our products and parts to be present in the Spanish market and also in several foreign markets. We work with international clients in sectors such as: Automotive, Electrical, Household, Construction etc., using compression, transfer or injection technology according to the technical specifications of every product or part. 

Other products by Combakett


Design ashtrays by Andre Ricard |  Ergonomic kitchen tools |  Knobs and handles for high-end cookware | Lampholders, terminals, terminal plates … |  Pistons, ashtrays, brush holders … |  Components for automotive

Commitment to innovation and design

In recent years we have conducted an intensive research and development oriented to the design of innovative air freshening products for smaller spaces. Our flavor microencapsulation technology allows us to develop solid fragrance based products with 0% alcohol which do not spill nor strain, and which also have a much higher scent durability.

We are committed to design, creativity and respect for the environment, values ??that reside in everything we do. We like to surprise with functional and cutting edge products for people who are always looking for something more.

To do this we must be as close as possible to the demands of users / customers, so if you have any ideas to help improving our products … do not hesitate and send us your suggestions.


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