Ambicar COUPLE Pack Classic – 4 Fragrances Premium Mix

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If you have 2 cars to equip, this COUPLE Pack is your choice. Get 2 Ambicar Classic diffusers and a selection of our most popular fragrances to enjoy and combine for any occasion:
» Ocean: vital and refreshing
» Tropical: with tropical nuances
» Elegance: a floral scent on jasmine basis
» Nature: pure and natural
Ambicar diffusers are designed to be charged with up to 2 fragrance tablets, for you to be able to combine different fragance tablets and create your own preferred fragrance. Combine the 4 different fragrances included in this COUPLE Pack!


  • 1 Diffuser Ambicar Classic with 2 ELEGANCE fragrance tablets
  • 1 Diffuser Ambicar Classic with 2 TROPICAL fragrance tablets
  • 1 Double Refill OCEAN (4 fragrance tablets)
  • 1 Double Refill NATURE (4 fragrance tablets)


Ambicar technical information

OUR FRAGRANCES – 100% natural essences, 0% alcohol

Ambicar fragrances information

Lifetime of one fragrance charge (2 tablets) with an average daily usage of 4-6 hours:
» Classic product range (Ocean, Elegance, Tropical, Nature, Red Fruits): 45 days or 180-270 hours.
» Insilver product range (Passion, Limoncello): 60 days or 240-360 hours.


Ambicar usage instructions

1. Insert the fragrance tablets into the provided slots of the diffuser.
2. Press the tablets down until they fit properly.
3. Place the cover on the diffuser, then secure it by turning it clockwise until you notice a slight click.
4. Insert your AMBICAR into your car’s cigarette lighter plug.

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