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Two mythical Flower Power era vehicles, now FUSED!

The British Jay Dwyer, a classic cars lover, has built a unique vehicle: a mix between a Lambreta scooter and a Volkswagen Camper van. Dwyer has built this wonderful personalization with his own hands, working for 7 months in its creation, for enjoying the country roads with his 11 years old son.


Although some believe that Dwyer is a bit eccentric, the reality is that he is not the only one with such a taste because everywhere he goes, curious and classic cars lovers oblige him to stop and to be photographed with his creation, or just to see it closer.

Such a customization, so striking and handcrafted, has started to be highly valued, and there have been several people who have offered him to buy the interesting mix Lambreta with sidecar Volkswagen, but Jay Dwyer says that he is not able to put a price on something so personal built by himself .


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